Sunday, December 6, 2009

We Made It!

so i'm glad to report we made it to the hospital this morning safely. The roads are better than they have been the last couple days but it's SO cold! Colin's doing good, he's still low and so they are giving him 1 unit of red blood today and then they aren't even going to wait for blood results tomorrow, they've just ordered more red blood and platlets for tomorrow. This is great, because usually by the time we wait a few hours for results to come back, it's after noon by the time the blood gets started, and way past dark by the time we're driving home! Tomorrow we should be outta here by just past noon and today we can be on the road by about 3pm! AWESOME! We met another Doc that works part time up here and he says the fact that Colin's been out on pass says it all. If a patient is healthy enough and strong enough to be out on pass, they are doing GREAT! Praise God for getting us through one day at a time!
They're trying to get the outbreak under control but our nurse did say that it was
H1N1. They haven't quite got to a point of control that they're happy with yet, and she mentioned that there were quite a few more patients that have it than they would like, but we are over on the other end of the Floor, and 3 big doors all of which are closed are between us and the main area of Unit 57, so with masks and washing our hands at every turn, there's not much more that we can do! They have put Colin on Tamiflu, which is a preventative antiobiotic that is used to treat people with
H1N1, so we're hoping that can give him some protection where our falls short! I mean, our prayers and trust that God will protect him don't fall short, but earthly measures is what i mean!
Today is a good day! Colin is still one of the few healthy one's up here, and i'm praying that it can stay this way!

Luv, Melissa

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