Thursday, December 24, 2009

We Made It!!!!

Guess What?!?!? IT'S CHRISTMAS! We made it! This morning we had Christmas just the four of us and now Colin and Corban are putting together our 'family gift'......we decided last Christmas that we were going to get a Wii for fun family times! Corban was yelling and saying "oh i always wanted on of these, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" lol, it was SO cute! So now, him and Colin are in the living room, getting things all set up to play! These next months are going to be so good to get reconnected as a family again, and i'm sure there will be many great memories around our new Wii! Plus, i'm sure all the moving will help Colin get back into prime shape! haha, don't tell him i said that!
I'm just so thankful that we're here, all home and healthy....Colin, Corban and my dad made it back from Calgary yesturday safe, and now Colin doesn't have his "tubes" as Keegan calls them! Corban watched the whole thing, and told Colin how proud he was of him and then he told him, "Daddy, you're going to be just fine! You're so brave!" as he laid with him after it was over!
One more step to soidify being done, with this first part of our journey!

Merry Christmas to each one following along with us, we love you, and we hope for many happy memories to be made with your loved-ones this Christmas. I know we sure won't look at Christmas the same again! We're still blown away at how BIG the little things in life are!
Blessings on each of you!
Luv, Melissa

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