Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello All!
It's been too long since i've last posted so i thought i would get you up to speed on what's been going on in our world! The boys and I are keeping busy these days...I was able to help out with worship team this past Sunday morning, and boy, it was great to get involved with music again! What an amazing place to be in the middle of such a loving extended church family! God is good! Since this is the Christmas season, afterall, i am able to get involved a little tiny bit with our church Christmas musical as well...My mom and i are singing in an ensemble, just one song, and the kids are singin' a little song too, so it's gonna be fun. It's this friday (10th) and Saturday (11th) at 7pm at Hillcrest. So our evenings this week have been eaten up by practices, but the boys come and play in the pews, they've been great and very patient.
An update on my dearest Corban...well he has been better, still not entirely himself, but i can't blame him. i'm just now starting to feel like myself, so i'm trying to love him through this rough patch. The hard thing is, that he doesn't ever want to be away from me, not for school, Sunday school, Nana and Papa,'s been a bit exhausting on my part, but he's already had one parent torn away from him...i'm willing to give him all the comfort and reassurance that i'm not going anywhere, at least thats what i'm praying...i guess it's not up to me at all. God is in complete control, and there's nothing more comfortable in this world than resting in that knowledge and peace!
To be honest, the start of the Christmas season was rough, but right now, i'm loving this time of year, i'm making it a priority to enjoy each day and i'm realizing it's not that bad...i mean of course there's a hole where Colin needs to be, and i'm not fighting that...that hole will always be there, no matter how much time passes, he is dearly missed...but God has these wonderful blessings in this life that i'm choosing to embrace and not pass them by! Christmas is one of those blessings! It's getting easier to laugh and easier not to cry so often...God is SO good!
Corban's school year has been going great and he's even starting to read and writing lots too, i'm just blown away at how Colin's determination to get it perfect has been passed on in our dearest Corban...he won't give up till he gets it right...i'm so very proud of him! He has a Christmas concert at his school next week and i'm thrilled to get the video camera out and watch him! We are busy with friends and just enjoying loving the people around us, which is such a great blessing as well!
As for today, today is a good day, it's a home day, Corban has a bad case of a head cold, so i kept him home from school and we've had the best time just relaxing and taking it easy!
I pray the rest of this Christmas season keeps going well for those of you who are also missing Colin and other loved one's! God's love heals, i pray we'll all be open to receive the gifts in each day!

oh, before i go, i have to tell you the most precious thing i heard Corban say to Keegan this morning. As i was making breakfast, the boys were sitting at their little table, and Corban was trying to explain to Keegan about Christmas being Jesus's Birthday...he then tells Keegan, "Christmas is not a time to's a time to give, cuz it's Jesus's special day"...i wish i could have captured it, but hearing it melted my heart!
Blessings on you today!
love, Melissa


  1. How sweet - It would be great to write down that conversation in a journal somewhere to remember in years to come.
    I'm glad that the days are filling with quiet joys for you. Praying for you always,

    A. Lorrie

  2. Looking forward to having you come to the farm is snowing today :) So hoping for lots of the white stuff over Christmas so we can take the boys sledding and out on the ski doos. You are doing awesome and are in my thots so often. Love you and hugs to the boys from us!
    Loe Auntie Dawna for the Motz men too

  3. Hi Missy:

    So glad to hear that you are able to be blessed and enjoy this wonderful Christmas season in the midst of your pain. I too love Christmas....well really I wonder how could anyone not! Sometimes when I am happy and then I think of Lorne what helps me is I think....what must Christmas in Heaven be like? Talk about joy! It gives me such a warm feeling to think about that and for some reason it then feels right for me to find happiness in this Christmas season.

    Love you guys lots, Yvonne