Saturday, December 11, 2010

So again, i'm finding myself with cool things to think about but no one really to share them with, so again, i hope you don't mind listening/reading my spouting off!
God is reminding me what it means to have the simple faith of a child, and how powerful our God can be when we remove all of the idiosyncricies (sp?) that time, age, experiences, hurts, habits, etc, can weigh our faith down to the point that it's so far off in the distance we can hardly remember what it means to have that exciting, growth filled relationship with a loving Heavenly Father. Let me explain...last night Corban was really restless, i could hear him moving around well into the night, and then finally, he started to cry so when i went to him and asked him what was wrong, he told me he had a bad dream. Still mostly asleep, he couldn't tell me what it was about, just that he was afraid. So i did what we always do, i wrapped him up in my arms (although he's harder to scoop up, being so much bigger now)and i prayed in a whisper into his ear, and as i prayed pointedly for Jesus to keep Corban safe and brave, for HIS mightly angels to be around him and protecting him, it was almost instant. The Peace and Comfort just fell over Corban and i could physically feel him release the fear and fall back into that deep peaceful sleep. How simple his faith is, it's what makes it so easy to see God at work. He doesn't have to work at it, Corban just knows, God is real and HE keeps us safe, that's it, that's all. I was incerdibly encouraged to be a witness to that, and i have been trying myself to see it that simply for a while now. It was like God was saying, here, it's this easy, just come and rest in ME. So, that's exactly what i'm gonna do. Plain and simple! How relieving it is for me to know that when i, in all my humanness, when i can't do anything in my power to take away their pain, all i need to do is pray and lay it at the feet of Jesus...Hmmmm...that thought is just has the sweetest peace for me right now! I'm gonna go cuddle with Corban and have some tea!
Thanks for listening to my random tidbits!
Love, Melissa


  1. Your random tidbits are always food for thought, Melissa. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    Blessings on you, Corban and Keegan.

    A. Lorrie

  2. Yes, I agree with Lorrie. Thanks for sharing & also thank you for sharing your beautiful voice in the Sounds like Christmas! Keeping you & your boys in my prayers, Coleen Boxell

  3. Thank you Missy. I have been wrestling lots lately with the burden of my children's pain and your words are exactly what I needed to hear. Love you lots my wise, wise friend! Yvonne