Monday, December 20, 2010

Well, there it was...the weekend has come and gone and it was the most fantastic weekend EVER!!!! It started with some shopping on Saturday, supper uninterrupted from kidlets of any kind, getting to stay in a hotel (can't even tell you the last time i did that!), getting in a great Christmas service Sunday morning followed by some more shopping (at a different mall, i love Calgary!) TOPPED OFF WITH THE MOST INCREDIBLE CARRIE UNDERWOOD CONCERT!!!! To be honest, i was SO excited up until we arrived to the concert itself, then i had this inexplicable feeling of homesickness...i really kinda just wanted to go home and crawl into bed BUT then i remembered CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!! ok, no no no, i wanted to be there, but i couldn't help but feel like Colin should have been there sitting with me, laughing hysterically for the fool i was making of myself while dancing and singing almost every word with one miss Carrie, herself! I tried to embrace every moment, because in those moments the last Christmas gift i will ever recieve from my dearest Colin was disappearing, fading only into magical memories. My heart was bursting with excitment to be in those moments, seeing someone whom i've listened to her music almost everyday since she released her first cd. Colin knew this would be so important to me, the coolest thing i will do for a long time, the highlite for a long time to come. Luckily, i had Nat beside me, knowing without me even having to say a word the depth of bittersweetness i was feeling. I had the most amazing time, thanks to the girls! Just what i needed, to get away and regroup a bit! It was good! BUT also, SO good to be home! Corban made a comment to Keegan before i left on Saturday that "mommy was just going to be gone for a few days, she has to go sing with Carrie Underwood" Oh man, i was singin with her alright, but he was quite confused when i showed him the pictures i had, and i wasn't in any of them! He actually asked where i was and why i wasn't there with her on stage?! HE'S MY HERO FOR EVEN MENTIONING IT!!! The kids did great, thanks to my parents for keeping them and to my Brother for putting some time in as well! It means so much to know that i can go away and not have to worry...i know all too well about leaving them, but this was different, it's about time to drive into Calgary for something other than hospitals and treatments, although my heart did skip a beat to drive passed a building where we could've called a second home for most of last year! Just breathe, Nat reminded me:)
So now, onto Christmas! The boys are starting to ask when they can open gifts and what i got for them, so i'm getting more and more excited to see them beam with crazy energy this Christmas!
Anyhoo, i should go clean up, the house was clean for all of 30 seconds when we walked in the door, so much for that idea:)
Sweet Dreams!
Love, Melissa
ps.. when i was telling Nat that i was sad after the concert that it was Colin's last gift to me, she reminded me that our two boys are each treasured gifts that i have from him....and boy, do they keep on giving;)

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  1. You will treasure this memory forever - so glad that it was awesome!