Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And still we wait!

Here's what more i know from today....We saw a neurologist this evening, who assessed Colin and will be doing an MRI on his brain tomorrow. He possibly wants to do a spinal tap on him to measure the spinal fluid and pressure, to see if that may possibly be causing his headaches....he also wants to test to make sure there is no cancer cells in the spinal fluid.....which i don't think there are, but again, they are being thorough, and that is a good thing!
We saw the urologist, and Colin's Bladder issues are stemming from him being so sick and dehydrated for so long, so there is no cause for concern there at all! YEAY! one thing to cross off while more things are added to the list of tests:)
So, we wait another day for the results from tomorrow's testing to come back, and again the best case scenario is that this whole thing is a bad viral infection and he just needs our prayers to kick it once and for all!

Only God knows, and that's ok with me right now.
I'm off to bed, hopefully some restful sleep!
Talk to you in the morning!

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  1. More good news...we'll be praying as you are. Today the movers are here and the house is looking empty and forlorn. I'm looking forward to getting settled again. That will begin tomorrow - then, when you want a vacation on the Island, you can come and stay - beautiful beaches, lots of room, a golf course across the street from us - we'd love to have you!