Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not Again.....

So, i'm back with another update. Colin has spent the last 8 days now throwing up and basically bed-ridden. We have been to the ER now twice for a fill-up on IV fluids and with each time, the Doc's have said it's just a virus, to go home and wait for it to pass. So that's what we have done, but with each passing day of not getting any sign of improvement, today enough is enough. After throwing up all nite long, and another sleepless nite, this morning i called the chain of Doc's from our Calgary Doc's to the Cancer Clinic here in Medicine Hat for help. We were told that we needed to see our family ASAP so they were gracious enough to get us in this morning right away. With concern from our family Doc that this is something maybe more serious than the flu, he got us to head straight to the hospital to see a Specialist there for further assessment. This Doc decided to admit Colin at least over nite, so they can do more testing and be really thorough, either to rule the more serious things out, or find what the exact cause of his symptoms is. He has intense pain in his head/neck/shoulders and then he gets the nausea, so they are doing an MRI of his brain to see if there is cause for concern, or not. I'm praying for the "or not". My heart just breaks for how much pain he is in, and i just want an answer for the cause of his symptoms, so they can treat him. It all makes us a bit nervous because this is exactly how our journey started last July.....this is all still so fresh for us, things were really going well and Colin was just starting to feel amazing! If i could ask you to pray that God gives us enough strength for this day, and for answers, as scary as that is to think of all the possibilities.

Me and the kids are continuing to stay healthy, so that is an answer to prayer, and our main focus is to just get "Daddy" back home safe and healthy!

i'll keep updating as we know more info, hopefully by the end of today we'll have something more concrete!

Luv, Melissa


  1. You are in our hearts and our prayers, Melissa, Colin and boys. We love you.

    Auntie Lorrie

  2. Oh, Melissa.... Our hearts are aching for you guys! Praying...