Thursday, March 18, 2010

Much too Soon!

Whew, what a week, and it isn't even over yet! Well, as Colin has been preparing to head back to work as of April 1st, he has managed to catch the nastiest flu bug along the way! I was praying he would hold on until he could get his flu shot and stuff on the 25th of March but low and behold......he has been sick since Monday, like stomach flu sick. So after progressively getting worse as the days wore on, i took him to emergency this morning, just to make sure there wasn't anything else we needed to be worried about! The walk going back to the emergency was just a little too soon for both of us, since we spent a lot of time there in August and November! I almost started crying at how a short time ago we were waiting in that same small room with Colin's muscle spasms (from the cancer), trying to process the diagnosis! How far we've come, but how fresh it all still is!
Needless to say, they got him a bed very quickly after checking in and the Doc ordered a whole bunch of bloodwork, just to make sure considering his history! Great news, he's got a really bad case of the stomach flu! Who knew something like that was good news.....but to us, to anyone for that matter, it could be worse, right?! So i have him home now, upstairs trying to get some rest and just keep hydrated and wait it out! If anyone does still read our posts, could you say a prayer that the kids stay safe from this flu.....i think Colin has had it bad enough for us all! IF you could keep him in your prayers to start getting better and stronger and that the nausea would stop, that would be so much appreciated!

I will update as soon as things settle down and with reports of him much better, i'm sure!
Luv, Melissa


  1. Oh, we will be praying. This is a real concern for you guys. Praying for you all, for peace and for healing.

    Auntie Lorrie & Uncle Tim

  2. I'm still reading and still praying, Melissa....
    Beckie Muirhead

  3. I'm still checking in and looking forward to hearing about Colin heading back to work!


  4. So sorry to hear your bad news but also happy to hear the good news. We are will continue to pray. love you so much. Gr. & Gr