Friday, March 26, 2010

News, but no news..AHHH

Today was a long day....i went this morning with hopes to hear from the Doc in the AM, but when 4pm rolled around i was ready to knock some heads! I found Colin's nurse and respectfully demanded that we see the Doc to tell us something from the MRI results!!!!! She explained that he is never in, and only does his rounds late at night because he is SO busy (neurologist). Then another nurse found him sitting reading reports down at the END OF THE FLOOR~THANK YOU GOD!!!!!! so i kindly told them i was going to stand at the doors to the 4th floor and wait to talk to him until he was ready to i waited and waited, and had to go pee like none other and then HE CAME WALKING TOWARDS ME!!!! So, i stopped him and he took me back to a computer and looked with me at the MRI results.....there is a growth on Colin's pituitary gland....BUT nothing that he is particularly concerned in, this is not the cause of his symptoms, but he is sending it away to a brain specialist in Calgary for a second opinion and to have it analyzed. OK. So that leaves us at square one, with no improvement in Colin's symptoms other than what relief the meds are giving him.
Then he said, he was taking our nurse and going to Colin's room to do a spinal measure the pressure in Colin's spinal fluid. YES, there is an increase of pressure causing Colin's symptoms, BUT now we have to figure out the cause.....could be a bacterial or viral infection attacking his brain OR it could be cancer OR who knows, something else that we haven't thought of.....SO WE WAIT!

Please pray, i'll keep you posted!
luv, Missy


  1. I am standing with you in prayer Melissa and Colin thaat our daddy; our Abba Father will touch and completely heal Colin in the powerful and wonderful name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!
    Be blessed,

    Darla Christianson

  2. Uncle Brian and I are thinking of all of you; and praying the results bring good news! Missy, I think you are an amazing woman; updating the blogs keeping everyone informed under incredible pressure. Love to all

    Aunt Debbie & Uncle Brian

  3. thoughts and prayers are with you all get well soon colin brian tammy and family