Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Worst Possiblility Has Come True....

This is the news, i most dreaded having to deliver again. Colin's cancer is back. Right now all we know is that it is for sure in his spinal fluid again. Now they begin the testing to see if it has spread and what Stage of Cancer he is in. Oh God, give us the strength to endure, GIVE COLIN THE FIGHT TO GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN! We are broken and overwhelmed and sad and mad and so very exhausted. We have no other information at this point, we will hear more tomorrow as to how far along the cancer is, and what the gameplan will be for length of time and treatment. This time around, though, if they can get the cancer under control he will need a marrow donor, because his own stem cells didn't work. BUT we have no way of knowing right now if he will even qualify for this, it's all still too soon. We are up against the odds though, the more the cancer returns, the harder it is to treat, and there is the possibility then of it being resistant to the chemotherapy. Pray against this! Please pray that the Burkitt's Lymphoma is isolated to his spine, and that this will respond well to the chemo. This morning they already started with his first spinal injection of chemo, so they are acting quick and we are thankful!
Once we know more definitely what we are up against i will update again!
Andy and Nat are here with me and Mom and Dad and the kids will be coming up tomorrow to Calgary. Colin's mom is also on her way out by the weekend to help! PRay for safe travels.
To each of our friends and family who are walking this with us, i am SO sorry for this pain, we know you are feeling this too, i have prayed a blanket of prayers for those involved, we love you, we send you hugs and even though we are all spread out, we're all in this together! Forgive me for those i haven't been in contact with, i just need to keep this blog going......my thoughts are scattered right now and we're trying to just figure all of this out and process it all. Again.



  1. Melissa and Colin the prayers are started in Lethbridge. Our prayers are with the whole family Love Jeff and Monica Cove

  2. Oh Melissa, my heart just breaks for you and Colin. Anger and sadness mingle with hope and strength. I can only imagine the anguish you and Colin are experiencing just now. Know that you are being held closely in our hearts and we lift you up in our shaking hands to the Father and God of us all.
    Uncle Tim and Auntie Lorrie

  3. Colin....Melissa....I dont even know what to say, I can't imagine your pain as you typed those words. We are broken, sad and mad along with your guys....I just don't know what to say...Of course you know that we are all praying but I am lost for words right now as I pray but thankfully our Jesus knows our cares, he knows our hurts and he knows our fears even if we can't put them into words, he knows them, I pray you will find some sort of comfort in His promises for us, in his promises to you and Colin...

    Melissa Waechter

  4. Oh no. I'm so sad for you all. I can't imagine how your hearts are breaking. We are praying for you and with you.

  5. Melissa and Colin
    Words can't even begin to express how badly I feel for you guys. My heart truly breaks for you all. However - God is greater than anything that comes your way. I know it doesn't seem like it right now and you have more questions than answers. Hang in there - trust in Him. Allow yourself to feel everything you need to feel and to lean on others for strength. We love you and are praying for your whole family. Give my love to your mom and dad too.
    Denise Tschritter

  6. Oh Melissa, we are so sad to read your post today. Please know that you are in our thoughts daily and that we are praying for God to perform a miracle in Colin's body.
    Ben and I leave for 10 days in Europe on Friday, but Uncle Darrell will read the posts and stay informed...we love you and feel your sadness...hugs to the boys :)

  7. I'm so sorry to hear this news! I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and sending you strength.

  8. Colin & Melissa,

    I'm staring at the screen. Tears seem to be just about the only message of sympathy.

    Psalm 5:1-2
    Give ear to our words, O Lord, consider our sighing.
    Listen to our cry for help, our King and our God, for to you we pray.

    Hugs from the heart,

    Jaap & Morina

  9. I'm so sorry that this news had to come your way- again. No words...just tears and lots of hearty love and prayers going to God, petitioning for Colin's complete and perfect healing, and for you and your sweet boys to have the strength and courage to fight this battle all over again. Love you all so so much. Hang in there.

    Chandy & Kurtis

  10. Oh Missy, I'm so sorry. My heart is breaking for your family. I wish I could help in some other way but know that I am praying without ceasing for Colin and you and your boys. I wish I had encouraging words for you but all I can say is that I love you and will pray and pray and pray. I pray the Lord will carry you both through this tough time and grant you strength, peace, courage and rest. Love you guys.

  11. Oh Melissa, there are no words, what do you say?
    I am so brokenhearted for all of you, as tears of empathy stream down, along with frustrations for you guys and worries, and sorrow.
    God is so proud of you right now though Melissa, so very proud. Just cling to him. Cling so tightly and don't let go. Put all your doubts and fears and anger and any other emotions on him. He is so faithful and He will get you all through this again.
    My never ceasing prayers...

  12. Melissa & Colin, You are both so strong and I wish I had the words to say to encourage you. But there are no words, only tears that God undersands.
    My heart is breaking for you both, for your families. I will pray for safe travels for all who are coming your way.
    Please know that we are praying. Love, Jeanne & Bruce Hillis

  13. Words cannot express how sorry I am to hear that C word again. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Colin and the boys and your extended families. May you find God's presence through the difficult days ahead. Henny R.

  14. "We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed ... therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day."
    2 Cor 4:8-9,16.

    Colin and Melissa, our prayers are with you. We weep with you tonight and will hold you before the Throne - it's horrible, and it seems so unfair, and we're so sorry that you are facing this again. But God promises the shelter of His love, and I pray that you are finding yourselves safely nestled in that loving grace tonight.

    Jeff and Lisa

  15. Thinking of you all...


  16. Prayer will sustain you both and that is being done by many.
    FATHER in HEAVEN be there for them both with assurances of your love and care, place your loving arms around them and carry them through this valley as only YOU can do.
    We continue to pray here in Nova Scotia as we spread your need to others. I have been where you are and KNOW how only the FATHER carried us, prayers sustained us. HE is ALL that you need as HE supplies all the rest. Blessings

  17. We're praying here in Chilliwack. As a church we prayed tonight at our AGM with Colin's parents.