Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Still Nothing Definite...

Ok, so here's the deal on what we know so far.....All of the body CT scans came back clear of any lymphoma's that may have come back, so Praise God for that! The CT scan of Colin's brain shows a small mass.....not sure what it is, and they have ordered an MRI to look at that further, because of the intense head and neck pain Colin is having. It could be something, it could be nothing, so we sit and wait for when he can get in for the MRI (pray that he can get it today), and then we go from there. There's another symptom that is cause for concern, there seems to be something going on with his bladder, so they've put a cathader in to help his bladder pain, and we are set to see another Doctor around supper time for that. They are doing more blood work and testing due to his bladder symptoms as well. He's still so very sick, but the morphine and anti-nauseants are helping manage his symptoms....this whole thing could be a virus in Colin's system as well, something that we have let take it's course, which is difficult because he's in such pain, and my natural instinct is to find the quickest way to fix it and make it better.
Strangely enough, we are both at peace.....we talked this morning about how nervous and stressed we were about our initial diagnosis in August.....but this time, all we can do is wait, and nothing is going to make the time go any we wait and pray like crazy for this to pass and for us to start getting some answers on what is going on inside Colin's body.
I don't have anything else to report right now, but i'll update as soon as we talk to the Doctors again this afternoon.

Please keep praying!


  1. God is faithful, I have been praying that you both would feel His peace and you are. May His grace and peace that surpasses all understading comfort you.

    Lee and Melissa Waechter

  2. Talked to Darlene and she let us know. We will get our prayer ministry going for you. Be assured of our prayers and love.
    U. Reg

  3. Just wanted to let you know we are praying for you Colin, and for Missy and boys as well! Hopefully they'll be able to figure out things quick, wish we didn't live so far away! Love you guys!!!!!

    Taegen and Brad

  4. Love you guys. Praying that this will pass soon.

    Chandy & Kurtis

  5. Hi guys....thanks for the updates so we know how to pray for you :) You are in our thoughts and praying that Colin's pain will be managed. Keep us posted .
    Love Auntie Dawna for the Motz men

  6. Praise the Lord! Will be praying for you all tomorrow... Thank you for keeping us up to date so that we know how to pray for your family!
    Love Trevor, Beckie, Eli & Sam Muirhead

  7. Good news. Thanks for keeping us all updated. Our prayers continue.