Thursday, April 1, 2010

oh much longer?

Hi! I have to apologize....i'm sure with my not updating yesturday you all are going just as crazy as we are here! No news, and i just didn't know what else to say, so i've waited and to be honest, we are still waiting but now with an end in sight. The Doc's should be in shortly to give us the full extent of what we're dealing with and do some more spinal chemo as well!
Colin has been up a little more walking around and trying to drink thick liquids like shakes and stuff. His throat is getting better, slowly but surely, but he still does choke on a lot. It'll get better, it just takes time. His weight is WAY down.....not as bad as last time, but this not eating solid foods isn't helping at all. We need his weight to start coming up again, his physical strength is what will help his body fight and weight is a big part of that!
Otherwise, we wait.....we'll find out today what stage the cancer is in, and what parts of his body are being affected, then, how they plan to treat and for how long the treatment will last. What we do know for sure, is that a Donor Bone Marrow Transplant will be inevitable. BUT the cancer needs to be responsive to the chemo and only time will tell us that. SO please pray for the chemo to work, even though it's the second time around and the odds are against us a little more than last time. We're just big balls of nerves right now.
i'll write when we get more.....after we've had a chance to process.
The kids are here now with mom and dad, so it's been great to see and play with them. colin hasn't seen them yet, but we're hoping soon he'll have the strength to get downstairs to see them before they go back home!

ok, talk soon!


  1. we are praying!
    ~Jon & Erin Coote

  2. Hi Melissa and Colin...Ben and I are off to Europe with the school trip tomorrow, so our thoughts will be with you guys and we pray for some good news to come your way, we have lots of freinds praying for you in Hanna as well. Uncle Darrell may be able to stop in to see you on Sunday April 11th...we are home from our trip at 3:00 pm that you guys and keep hanging in there. hugs to the boys xoxo

  3. Our family will pray for the chemo to work.

    The Wests

  4. HI Melissa and Colin:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you guys at this difficutl time. I just wanted to encourage you with the story of my sister in law who had the same disease as Colin. They first took out her bone marrow and killed the cancer and intorduced it into her body following chemmotherapy. Unfortuntely her cancer never went away either, but then she got a unrelated bone marrow donor from San Jose California. They did the chemo the second time and when she got the unrelated bone marrow donor put into her; she is completely cancer free and has been for about 10 years. She actually found the chemo was not as hard on her as the first time either which was a bonus. So please be encouraged that a second round or chemo and another bone marrow is still has a very postitive outcome for this disease. Be blessed.