Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy Being Us..

Day 4 of being at home altogether and we've been having a great time! Minus the weather, the kids sure have been missing their fenced chaos called the backyard....but this time around we'll have more time to spend curled up in front of a movie all in blankets on the couch! Mmmm that sounds good to me! We just recieved word today that our appointment for seeing the Bone Marrow Transplant team is for May 10th. This won't solidify anything, just give us info on what decisions we need to make in the coming months. To transplant or not to transplant....there's the kicker! For now, we're trying really hard to leave that in God's capable hands and just enjoy THIS time we have HERE and NOW!! Today is all we know for sure, and we're determined to make this day count! Colin is active and feeling good....getting stronger, still tires easily and needs to take his time, but he's determined to be productive and useful around the house and with the kids! I'm reading this book by Max Lucado, on Psalm 23 (the verse that we chose to put on our wristbands we had made last time around). This verse is very special to Colin and has been throughout his life, and now more than ever, i am convinced God is teaching us through Psalm 23 yet again....Yesturday i read this statement that really made me think. The chapter was on being content and that often we are trapped in the prison of "want", and there was a question "I will be happy when......?" Naturally i answered in my head, when my husband gets healthy and life is normal and settled again....but Mr. Lucado then asks, if this never comes true, if our dreams never come to fruition, would you still be happy?! lesson is to learn to take this trial, and find the beauty of happiness in spite of it. Being content is a beautiful thing, and i think it's a daily thing, for me anyways....just something to share, a little piece of what we're learning on this journey!
Thank you again for all your prayers, keep us in mind in the coming weeks of BIG decisions that need to be made.
We'll keep you posted, tonite Colin has been craving homemade chicken wings, so that's what we're having! i'll let you know how they turned out....good thing his mom is here with plenty of chicken wings under her belt. i'm sure it'll be great just to be together in the kitchen having fun making them....the joy is in the journey! lol
Luv, Melissa


  1. Thanks for the revelation Melissa. Love that perspective of yours! You've taught us all a great lesson through this whole situation. Enjoy your wings...

    love,Chandy xo

  2. What a simple but powerful update. God has used your family to remind us all of the simple pleasures in life and to hold them dear to our hearts

    Lee and Melissa Waechter