Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

Good, Thank You Jesus for giving Yourself as the Ultimate Sacrifice for us to be pure and clean. Jesus went through the most horific of suffering, and God was there, carrying Him through. HE KNOWS THIS SUFFERING, HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE GOING THROUGH!!! Such peace and comfort come from knowing that, and resting in that knowledge! Praise You Jesus! THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEATH, SO THAT WE HAVE LIFE ETERNALLY!!!!
Today has been busy for Colin. His Broncoscopy went good this morning, nothing out of the ordinary for the procedure, my dad spent the morning up here, and when i came up he ate a bag of mini eggs and a fruit bar!!!! YEAY! HE'S EATING SOLIDS!!!!! yup, he's slowly getting his strength back! They also just finished his second spinal chemo injection....all went well and he's sedated and sleeping comfortably right now! Not too much more to report, just waiting until Wednesday now until the results from his lungs are back!
i asked the Doc what Colin's cancer counts were in his spine coming in for this time around and they were over 600! THIS IS WORSE!! Last time we came in, in August 2009....his counts in his spine were only 100, so we're up against more cancer to kill for the second time, so please keep praying for another miracle!
I took Corban for a drive, just the two of us yesturday and we talked about Daddy having more cancer, and having to get more chemo medicine to help take it away, and we both committed to praying for Daddy everyday so that ultimately God will heal him again from his cancer! He's slowly processing, everyday he asks something else, but he's not too forth coming with how he feels, we'll just take it one day at a time. One thing he was clear about, was how he loves his Daddy and wishes we could just be the four of us home for Easter....He's so sad he can't have Daddy at home with us.
My heart hurts for what he must be going through....i'm committed to doing everything i can to get him through this, and i pray God protects him from any scars that may occur~ Only God has the power to get us through, that's the promise i'm clinging too!
My mom and dad and me and the kids are headed back to Medicine Hat tomorrow, and i'm getting Colin's mom from the airport tomorrow morning, she'll spend the next few days with him, i think it'll help her process a little more as well!
It's SO difficult for me to leave, but so nescessary for me to be with our boys.....i hate that i can't do both jobs at the same time, and it's overwhelming to be away from each of them.....i feel so torn. Please pray for this transition again, for the balance and that this separation from each other will be short lived, i pray this time around, that we can be on passes more and hopefully be able to spend time at home altogether.....we still don't know what the road ahead will look like, but i'm hopeful!
i will be in touch as soon as i know anything more!
HAPPY EASTER! Hope each of you have a great long weekend with family and friends!
HUGS to each of you reading!

luv, Melissa


  1. Thank you so much for your updates, as I am sure that even updates are hard to do at times. We are praying for all of you. I am glad Darlene will be here for a few days and that she is able to help out!! Love to all of you, and Happy Easter!

  2. Hi Melissa and Colin, Just want to let you know that we are praying so much for you two, we saw Grandpa yesterday and he is telling people to pray for his Grandson, so he is calling out prayer too on your behalf. We so serve an awesome mighty God, He is our fortress, I will post another song on my facebook page for you to listen to, I pray that the His Healing Hands song will continue to minister to you. Let it all soak in and just grasp more of Jesus this Easter. I am praying for miracles to abound this Easter ...Love you all so much, Auntie Heather