Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pray Hard

Hi everyone, Colin here. I am really starting to feel better these days and am finding it easier to eat with every meal. I am drinking less to get food down so I don't fill up on liquids so much. My strength is slowly returning and I am able to do a lot more on my own again.

Anyways I just wanted to write a little bit myself to let you know whats going on. We are waiting for my chemo levels in my body to drop below a certain number so we can go home until my next treatment. We were hoping this morning the counts would have been good enough to go, but I was 0.11 and I need to be below 0.02. I am still hooked up to hydration and drinking water all day to flush my system, but we need everyone's prayers to get my levels down below the 0.02 line for tomorrow or else I cannot go home until they are down, which means sitting here doing nothing when I could be at home with the boys. Please pray hard for the chemo level to be well below the 0.02 marker tomorrow morning.

Thank you for all your continuing prayers and I hope God is blessing you for all the prayers you are putting up for us. Be blessed


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  1. Hi Colin....Uncle Darrell was glad to see you over the week end,,,we are continuing to pray for you and you amaze us with the strength God is giving you and Melissa. You are a strong, strong young man and God has a big plan for you!! Love and prayers,,,Auntie Dawna