Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here's the Deal So Far

ok, here's what today brought us.....The MRI results showed that Colin has a reoccurance of Burkitt's Lymphoma in his spinal fluid as well as around his brain and the base of his spinal cord. NOT GOOD. The Bone Marrow Biopsy came back NEGATIVE for any Burkitt's!!!!!!PRAISE GOD!!!!! BUT the CT scan showed there was something in his lungs that they need to look into. So, first thing tomorrow Colin will go and get a broncoscopy....a scope that goes down and gets cell samples and tissue samples of the stuff in his lungs.....because of the long weekend....we don't see full results come back until tuesday or wednesday of next week. So this all depends on how they proceed from here. We do know that they will continue to do spinal chemo every few days until we see two results come back negative of the cancer cells, then we focus on the Bone Marrow Donors and Transplant.

Wow, i'm thankful but still so sad, for my husband to have to be suffering. It's just so hard to see him in this place again. Colin is just wanted ALL the info, so he can just wrap his head around it and get going. He's tired, trying to eat what he can without choking and trying to go longer in between Morphine dosages for the pain.....but we've been told that chemo can help relieve that, so we wait.

In all of this, and still with the unknown, we walk in FULL TRUST that God is carrying us and that HE will bring us through! Thank you to our friends who keep bathing us in God's truth, we are hanging on every word!
God is good, ALL the time, and HIS TIMING IS PERFECT....we are processing, and feeling a lot more this time around, the shock of the first time around has unfortunately not followed us, so there is more raw emotion with the family, Colin has his own way, and i promise that he will just take time, but he is a fighter and one thing i know for sure, is that he doesn't EVER in any situation QUIT!!!! We will walk out the other side of this, and "this too shall pass", but i know for a fact that God will teach us all the way! Painful but good!

I will be as up to date as possible as we know more, i'm hoping Saturday that we can get something initial from the Broncoscopy, so i'll be in touch!

Thank you for your prayers! God is SO real and right here with us!

Luv, Melissa


  1. Thanks for keeping us updates so we can continue to pray. If you need a good fighting song look for Laura Hackett's "I put on Christ" (also called "The Battle is Raging"). May you find rest for your weary mind, spirit and body in Christ's perfect love and His eternal gift of life.
    With much love and many prayers

  2. We were united in worship this morning with believers joining together from across the city to lift our thanks up to the Lord who loved us enough to suffer and die for us, that we could be healed and forgiven. I pray that you will know the healing love of Jesus today, that his grace will carry you through the broncoscope and the waiting ... we are praying daily for you and wanted to remind you that your High Priest knows what you are going through, and loves you so deeply in the midst of it. Cry out to Him - and know that many of His followers are joining with you in prayer.

    Jeff and Lisa