Monday, April 12, 2010

So Good....

WE'RE HOME!!!!!! we've been home for 3 glorious hours and we're just trying to get back settled in. The kids are sleeping and we are just sitting having a cup of tea and a snack! Colin has been in a's been SO long since we were outside with was so fast paced for him outside today...he was shaky walking out to the car, but he made it and we had a good drive home! The kids were SO wound up tonite, but we all had SO much fun! After bathes and bed, Colin and i are wiped out and tired and ready to have a great sleep in our OWN bed! So nice! i should go, sorry i don't have more to say right now...i will write more tomorrow to let you know how everything is going! All i can say is that "IT'S SO GOOD TO BE HOME!"

Blessings, Melissa and Colin

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  1. Rejoicing that you're home, praying that being with the boys will be sweet medicine for body and soul.