Monday, April 12, 2010


So we owe each one who has prayed for us to get home today a HUGE THANK YOU!!!! We just talked to the Doc and he said "get outta here"!!! We're just waiting for Colin to be unhooked from his IV tower, and to get all his pass medications, and we should be on the road!!!! oh man, we both just started to cry....i can't wait to be home with the kids today!!!!! YEAYAYEAYEYA!!! Treatment is back here again on April 21st...but until then we have sweet heavenly home to enjoy! Believe me when i say that we will be soaking in every glorious minute of's been a month away from home already for Colin, this is the best medicine he can get!!!!!
I'll be in touch when we home and settled!
Thank You JEsus!!!! Thank you for your prayers!!!!!

luv, Melissa and Colin


  1. I am so so so very happy to hear that you will BOTH be reunited with your boys at home this week, safe travels!

    Lee and Melissa Waechter

  2. What great news!! There is nothing like being at home!! You are in our prayers and we love you!! God is good! and you are faithful!!Love Auntie Dawna for the Motz men