Thursday, April 15, 2010

At home update

Another great morning has come and gone here at the Burritt residence. I am starting to feel productive around the house instead just being a dead weight. I know I am still recovering but not being able to help out with small stuff kinda sucks. I am able to help Melissa and mom more with getting stuff for the boys and for myself instead of having to ask for everything. I even arranged for an oil change in the car.

We went and dropped it off this morning as family then went out to the mall for a walk around just to get moving. It feels nice to get out of cooped up hospital rooms and get fresh air. I know the mall isn't exactly fresh air but its not being stuck in a hospital. Everyday as I move more of my stiffness is going away from being stuck in bed for over 2 weeks without getting up. I thought I was really being able to move when I left the hospital Monday but I was sure stiff. When we left Calgary and Melissa was driving it seemed like everything around me was moving so fast. It took a while to adjust to 'real world' speed again.

I head back next Wednesday afternoon for the 2nd chemo treatment and I think it will be a lot smoother as I will be in a better physical state with some strength and endurance. I get about 2 hours of chemo on the Thurday and for the next few days I am saturated with hydration to flush the remainng chemo from my system. If all goes well my chemo levels will be low enough to leave the Sunday or Monday again. Then home for another week and half! It still sucks having to go through chemo once again but I know each trip is only going to be about 5 days away from home. Hopefully this makes it a little on the boys this time too.

Melissa is going to stay home this next trip to be with the boys and maintain their routine for some sort of consistency in their little lives. So mom is going to drive me to Calgary and stay with me during the next treatments. We are so thankful for both my parents and Melissa's parents for all they have done for us during this process.

As we continue to explore this journey God has us on, please continue to pray for healing in my body and this is last of the Burkitts Lyphoma we will ever see. Also for our family to stay tight and for the boys as it is hard for us to be seperated so much.

We love all of you and thank you for your continued prayers and supports.


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