Thursday, April 29, 2010

Light Bulb Moment!

ok, so i need to add just some more tid bits on my "light bulb moment" through this Max Lucado book i've been reading. It just occured to me that being content and taking one day, one hour, one minute at a time IS ONE IN THE SAME....not needing anything else but to just be who we are in Christ. God is our anchor in every storm we face, and we have everything we need in HIM!! This life has taken a lot from us, but no one can take our salvation and no one can rip away our identity in the One who created us! HOW COOL IS THAT!!! My prayer for me and Colin today is for God to replace discontentment with gratitude....only through this will we really be able to cherish those precious little moments in our life!! Colin was sharing with me what he read this morning in his devotion and it was about being ok with not knowing the "end result" in life. That this one day is all we have, and it's all we know for sure, and being secure in our relationship with Christ IN THIS MOMENT is all that needs to matter, isn't that being content as well?!?! i love how God works to get us on the same page, so cool!
i really love when God gives light bulb moments! i was excited about this, so i just had to share with you as well!
What a cozy rainy day, we're all having tea cuddled in blankets! Have a good day, stay warm and cozy!
luv, Melissa

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