Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Upside Down and All Around...WINDY!

I really hate doing this, but i have some crummy news to report to you on Colin's condition. For the past 3 days or so, he's been getting a nasty headache unsettlingly similiar to the one that started this whole mess, and since his head started aching again, he has also started throwing up yesturday and today, so we were almost relieved he had to head back up today. They weren't going to leave until 4pm, but he had to get up there sooner to get a hold on his pain and nausea as well as get there before the Doc's left, so they can take a closer look at him, and possibly do more testing. Poor Colin, he was starting to get back on his feet again...i guess it's hard to say what this could be at this point...but there is always that thought in the back of our minds that the treatment isn't working as well as they'd hoped it would, or that he may need more treatment, or a different kind...who knows, so this roller coaster still takes us on this nauseating course, and we have no choice to try to cope through it all. I guess i'm struggling with not being as active in his treatment and stuff as i would like, but the kids need the stability. I will be headed up on Sunday to spend some time with him and be there for our Bone Marrow Transplant meeting on Monday morning....we have no idea what that will hold for us either....this "not knowing" is very scarey for Colin and i. It's hard not to have anxiety about how things will turn out, when we just have no idea which way tomorrow will turn us.
Please pray for Colin....that the Doc's would do the appropriate testing so we know what the cause is, and if it is any more serious. Pray that the chemo has already been working, and for it to continue to work in line with God's total healing over his whole body. Pray also for his body to "hold up" long term...with all of this tramatic and toxic treatment in such a short amount of time, it's hard not to think of the possiblities of damage being done.
Well off i go, to read more on Psalm 23....i could use all of God's Wisdom i can get!
Thank you for your prayers...i pray i can report much better news on the next post!
Luv, Melissa
Now i know what it would feel like to be that plastic bag being tossed around in the nasty wind storm we just had! NO FUN!
Oh, i just got a text from Colin. He and his mom just arrived safe and sound at the hospital! Now he's in good hands and he'll get taken care of! i'll update when i know more!


  1. We will keep praying!

    ~the Coote's

  2. Oh Melissa! We love you guys, we'll see you soon! Hope they can figure stuff out, Colin!
    luv, Taegen

  3. Still praying Melissa....
    Beckie Muirhead