Friday, May 14, 2010

wow, we are blown away at how the prayer support rallied around us last nite! Both with our friends being there at the church as well as so many others praying wherever they were at 7pm! How Cool....what power there is in the body of Christ, God hears each one. Last nite we all went to sleep and woke this morning, with all four of us rested and even been able to sleep in a little bit! There is refreshing rest that peace brings, and that is it more than anything.
Colin is doing ok, he has been taking more chemo pills by mouth while he has been home. He has taken his last one's tonite, but he is just SO tired. A simple outing for an hour or so, takes eveything out of him, and he spends the rest of the day recovering. His face is no change, so eating and drinking and talking is so taxing for him. He is both physically tired but so emotionally drained from having to carry this extra burden of those facial muscles just not working. He longs to have something normal, to be able to be an active player in our little family, right now he feels like he's sitting on the bench watching us all. The power of prayer sustains us, our God is BIGGER and He hears our cries and carries our burdens! PRAISE GOD FOR THAT!
So we're off to bed, but we have God's peace that passes all understanding to calm all of our fears.
Sweet Dreams!
Luv, Melissa


  1. We prayed along with you guys at 7:00 - I know you guys have not yet made a decision regarding the transplant. This is my opinion only - but you have no idea how rare it is to have a 100% match and to have it so quickly. People in the same situation, awaiting a donor, would be very envious of your position.

    Again, my opinion only, but is there really a choice...speaking about quality of life; I KNOW that the quality of life that your beautiful little boys would have WITHOUT their father should make the decision quite clear.

    I know you are worried about the drugs that will be going into Colins body, but again, what is the choice. By what you said earlier in the blog, the team made it quite clear that the only thing that they can guarantee is that the cancer will come back without the transplant and then you will not have the choices you have now. I believe God still has great things in store for Colin!

    Believe me when I say that the transplant with a 100% match, IS a gift from God.

  2. Thank you for your comments Debbie....we are fully aware of those points, there are a lot of details that i haven't posted on the blog, that also play into this decision, and also more questions that we want to ask our Doctors, and i know you are only trying to help, but Colin and I both desire to have God's guidance 100% in our decisions, both now and for future treatments throughout this process. We definitely appreciate your prayers towards this issue.
    Colin and Missy