Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Loving Every Minute...

hi! What a nice quiet "normal" day so far! We actually did hear from the Doc's last nite, and they are still split with what to do with Colin in moving forward, so they are meeting, i guess about 15 doc's or more on Thursday afternoon, and in that meeting they are going to come to some mutual understanding and get a plan in place for moving forward and then they will check in with us and let us know what they all decide. It's kind of unsettling but also there is a lot of experience and knowledge with all of them together and for that we will pray that God will give wisdom where it is due, and give them guidance and direction for setting a plan in place.
As for now, WE ARE AT HOME AND LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! It didn't take much for us to get settled in again, and an added blessing about coming home this time around was that the kids came up to Calgary with us, so i was seeing them each day and the re-establishing of "i mean what i say" and of our little family unit, is in tact this time around so it isn't so exhausting coming home and having to deal with the attitudes and lack of listening.....but kids will be kids, so just like everyone else, we deal with those types of things on a daily basis....but it's normal and it's life and i love it so much!
Colin is feeling ok, a little achy from the drive home yesturday and just being up so much of the day, but he is napping peacefully now in his own bed, and i made him his favorite breakfast this morning which is Pillsbury Apple Turnovers, so it's a good day so far!
Anyhoo, that's all i have to report today, it's amazing what home can do for a person's morale....Colin was like a different person when he called me yesturday to say that we could go home, i know this is what keeps him whole and feeling good is the time at home, he gets his head right to help him cope for the next time around....honestly though, the more time we go up, the more difficult it is getting for him, so i pray that they can get a plan in place, to give him something tangible to work towards, or just some direction on what is to come!
oh i should go, Colin is up and snack time in upon us, i will keep you posted on what "the plan" will be!
luv, Melissa


  1. Dear Colin & Missy:

    Enjoy your time at home together - what a gift!! I pray everyday for your family, and pray that the wisdom of the doctors will shine through and give Colin and yourself the answers you both so want!!

    All my love

  2. We love you guys very much:) We will be praying during the doctor's meeting tomorrow! We are SO glad that you can be enjoying family time at home, but we miss you here too:) Myla keeps crawling from room to room like she's looking for Keegan! Your boys brought so many laughs and smiles to our home last week - we had a blast!

  3. Hurray for home and the good medicine it is!! We will pray that the drs will come to an agreement on how to treat Colin and that you will be at peace with it all too. Love you guys alot!!

  4. Collin and Melissa, we are sure praying for you guys. It isn't easy to be uncertain! but continue to REST in God. He is the awesome God and will continue to be your peace.
    Uncle Doug and Auntie Joan

  5. Hi guys,

    I read something today that encouraged me, and I thought it might encourage you too. It's from the book "God, Medicine, and Suffering" by Stanley Hauerwas. He writes "the very willingness of those who are suffering from illness to be in the presence of the well is a form of service. Suffering and pain make us vulnerable, and often we try to protect ourselves by attempting to be 'self-sufficient'. The willingness to be present as well as to accept the assitance of others when we need help is a gift we give one another."

    I hope this doesn't sound like a passage that is glorifying or minimizing your very real pain and suffering. How I read it is that the beautiful vulnerability and 'realness' that you both have displayed over the past year is a huge blessing for the church, a gift of sight, of seeing a brother and sister in Christ live out their faith so beautifully before the Lord in the midst of great difficulty. We pray for you daily, and are so glad that you're home, having some normal family time. You might feel like you're stuck in a waiting game, hoping for answers, but I believe that spiritually, much good work is happening through your witness.

    Lisa and Jeff