Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some piece of SOME thing!

Well what we know so far today, is that Colin had an MRI done last nite, which we are waiting for the results, i've been trying to busy myself waiting for the phone to, patience is NOT my strength....the worst is that Colin is still having his symptoms, he had an aweful sleep, he has found that sleeping upright relieves his pain a little bit, falling asleep is the hard part and he was still throwing up throughout the night last night, so i'm praying we'll know much more by the end of today.
I just talked with him after lunch and he was just coming out of sedation for his spinal chemo. They have postponed his high dose chemo that was supposed to be done today because his blood counts have fallen too low, we are still waiting to hear from a Doctor about the specifics on that issue as well as the MRI results, so again, we wait! Colin is trying to nap some more now, and i'll make sure i post when i know something.....oh, ok, i've just talked with Colin. He has spoken with the Doctor's up there. The MRI results have showed that there still is a thickening (cancer) around Colin's brain, it hasn't gotten any worse, and is showing a bit of an improvement. They have asked that a neurologist come to see Colin and assess him and also that he would look at the MRI as well, for other explanations of what could be causing his symptoms. There is a chance that the chemo could be causing Colin to be sick as well, but nothing is for sure until they can get the neurologist there to see him. So chemo has been postponed to tomorrow or possibly Saturday depending on their findings.
I know this isn't much, but it's something, and at this point, i'll take any little bit of information i can get! Today, i'm finding it extremely difficult to be away from Colin....just keep him in your prayers, that they can get to the bottom of his pain and find what is causing it, so they can get him better!
i'll post as soon as i know more!
luv, Melissa


  1. I am standing with you Melissa and Colin believing for a complete healing in Colin's body in the Mighty name Of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! God bless you two and may the Shaloem Peace of God... nothing missing nothing broken be on your minds in Christ Jesus. You have an army of intercessors praying for you Colin and no weapon formed against you will prosper in the name of Jesus! By HIs stripes we are healed! We got your back Colin! God Bless you!

  2. We praying for you Melissa and Colin. Praying that God will heal Colin and that he will give you the strength you need each moment of this difficult time.

    A. Lorrie & U. Tim