Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well we are back up in Calgary today, Colin was experiencing that nasty headache and nausea from before again, so we actually came up a bit earlier, just to be safe. I have him all settled in and he is just talking with the Doc now....ok i'm back. The plan so far is to do more spinal chemo tomorrow and also an MRI is booked so they can keep on top of the lymphoma and make sure there are no changes.
For now, we are off to find some supper, downstairs, the hospital menu is getting a bit old for Colin.
We are good, Colin is here safe and i will keep you posted every step of the way!
God Bless!
Luv, Melissa


  1. We prayed this morning in WOW, all of us, in our table groups, and will continue to hold you all before the throne of grace as you seek the wisdom of the Lord and the counsel of the godly on earth. I think you are doing the right thing Melissa, seeking the advice of others, taking time to pray and to be in the Word, and allowing Colin the time and space to do the same. A knee-jerk "yep" to a transplant might make the people who love you happy, but ultimately, it is you and Colin who have the responsibility to think this through, and to consider the consequences for your family with both treatment plans.

    Whether or not you choose to proceed, please know that we are here for you and are eager to help for the long haul. Please call us!

    Love, Lisa and Jeff

  2. I just wanted to tell you that we're praying for you both and the whole family. We'll keep praying that God gives you a clear answer of what to do and a peace when you make that decision.

    Heidi and Arlen

  3. Praying for you constantly.

    A. Lorrie and U. Tim

  4. Melissa, I know the burden you carry. You live in hope and reality at the same time. I want to do something tangible at this time for you both. I know how exhausting all this is. Never think asking is are walking where you have never walked before and want so much to do the right thing. Only God knows the future and what is right. God speaks in many different ways as you have experienced. The beauty of God is, the right answer will give you both peace. Once you both have peace, know that is God's plan. Leave it there, don't ask for anymore advice, that will only confuse you again. We will stand with you and walk the walk with you as much as we are able. Ultimately it is you and your family that carries the load. We will be praying for clear direction and that God uplifts and carries you both.

  5. We are praying for you both, for God's peace,for His love to surround you and for hope and trust in our great and awesome God. We love you all, Colin, Melissa, Corban and Keegan. You are always in our thoughts. Gr. and Gr.