Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Family Road Trip!

hello there everyone!
The last fews days we have been enjoying every minute of time in the beautiful sunshine! I'm glad we've had some great weather to enjoy as a family before we go back up for more treatment! This time, we are all packing up to spend the weekend up in Calgary. My (Melissa) parents will be coming up as well, to help with the kids, since they are not allowed up where Colin is on Unit 57. We'll all just take turns spending time with Colin and trying to have the time pass as quickly as possible for him. I'm glad the kids have something to look forward too as well, our kids and Andy and Nat's kids play so well together, they always love spending time with them!
I also want to thank you all for your prayers regarding direction and healing for Colin. We are spending a lot of time both together and separately praying and talking and seeking God for what is next regarding Colin's treatments. I know, to many of you it seems very clear cut, almost foolish that we are contemplating this so thoroughly. I have summarized the facts for you here on this blog, but there are a lot of other details that are too lengthy to go into detail on, and try to explain. We have talked to our parents and family members on their thoughts and we are gathering wisdom from every source we can. I think this is how God speaks, along with prayer and being in His Word! With that said, God is giving us clarity and peace, and with this next hospital stay we are going to be discussing more of our questions and thoughts with our team of Doc's. We are confident that we will have a clear decision from this time in Calgary! Please continue to pray for the Doc's and for us to be clear and for us to get the specific answers we need to make our decision.
Colin is doing well, all things considered. He is tired of his facial muscles not working, and it getting so draining trying to eat, or interact with the kids when no emotion shows, but God is good and our boys are doing so well with him. Physically, he can't do much, but just to have him home and for us all to be spending as much time as a family as possible...such good medicine!
I will be updating to you from up in Calgary for the rest of the week. Colin will be having another MRI Thursday and chemo starting again thursday or friday.
Enjoy this beautiful spring weather, we sure are!
Luv, Melissa

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  1. We'll continue to pray. How great that you have family in Alberta and BC who are willing to give so much of themselves because they love you. They walk this hard road with you, as do we, praying for and loving you.