Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here we are home once again! We got home this afternoon around 3 and are just going to try and settle into our little house for the next many days until we return to Calgary. We aren't to certain the plans the doctors have right now but we will update as it comes up. They, the doctors were meeting today around 1pm so they were going to call in the next few days to let us know what will be the plan moving forward.

In the mean time we were told about 12 days at home! So much better to hear then 7 or 8 days. Please keep our health in your prayers that we wouldn't get sick or spread sickness in the house. We need this time right now and I know God hears our prayers. This is crucial healing time for us physically and spiritually for all of us. Thank you everyone for your continued support and prayers, we could not and cannot do the journey down this road without them. As I feel better and have more time I will try to sit down and share my thoughts and prayers with you about how things are going because the Lord and I have had some real heart to heart's these past few days.

Again we did get home safely today and so look forward to time just being us here in our house.


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