Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Goodbyes are NEVER easy...

Awe, these goodbyes are certainly not getting any easier, that's for sure. There's peace in knowing that Corban and Keegan don't have to be put through any upheaval again! At least for these chemo rounds. I (Melissa) will be at home with the kids and Colin and his mom will be headed to Calgary here in the next hour. The time went way too fast....i felt like we were all just adjusting and then now he's gotta go back least it's not for that long this time! Colin's not looking forward to leaving, but he knows the sooner he gets it all over with, the sooner he can get back home! Pray that the high dose chemo will be flushed quickly from his system, so he can get home. This whole sitaution is getting really exhausting...Colin and i had a good cry this morning, wishing for those days when we were normal again, just wanting for us all to be home in our own beds altogether each night! Aside from the next 6 weeks or so, is all that we know for sure....this "chemo schedule". Four to five days up for treatment and back home for a week and a bit. The Doc's are all still split down the middle on what to do with a transplant and aside from Colin's siblings having a 25% chance to be a 100% match, we've been told that the donor bank is our next best option. I had mentioned before that i would check into what people can do to help. Well the doc's said that someone from our support system being a donor match is 1 in a million, BUT Unit 57 and Tom Baker Cancer Center is the biggest consumer of blood products in Western Canada! If you call 1-800-2DONATE, you can find a blood bank in your area to donate hemoglobin (red blood cells) or platlets or sign up to be in the bone marrow donor bank for others who are searching for a donor match like Colin might have to be. Colin is among the patients who use these blood products and we want you to know that if you feel inclined to help, this is a very practical way to do so!
Like i was saying before, we are still very uncertain about the bone marrow transplant and the whole process. We do know it is VERY lengthy, the actual transplant, itself can take up to 3 months from start to finish....and Colin would be required to live in Calgary for 3-6 months after his transplant, because of the risks of rejection and infections. Please pray with us for clarity and certainty on this issue. That God would guide the Doc's to help us make the best decision possible to keep Colin around for a very long time!
Anyhoo, sorry we didn't update a whole lot while we were at home this time, we had a lot of times having breakfast, lunch and supper out in the backyard, along with going for walks and watching the kids play outside! It was incredible to be at home altogether! I guess no news, blog-speaking, is good news....i guess we didn't want to bore you all with how simple we are living these days! I should go, have to spend some more family time before Colin leaves!
i'll make sure Colin keeps updating from the hospital, and i'll keep ya posted on the homefront!
Blessings, Melissa and Colin

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  1. Praying this next week flys by

    Lee and Melissa Waechter