Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter 2

HI Everyone this is Colin. I thought it would be easy to write a simple note to say hi but now I am finding this is hard. First of all, thank you for all your prayers and support again as we battle cancer one more time. I thought I was done but the Lord as other plans for me and I will submit to HIM! Don't get me wrong, I believe I am going to beat this once again with GOD's healing hands, but I never thought I would be in this place so soon if ever again.

I am slowly eating more and more each day, but it is an up hill battle. I was never pushed to eat or drink in Medicine Hat or even more out of my bed. I love the 'family' of nurses, doctors and PCA's up here. Its sad to to be back but they care for people like none other.

Great news today was my cancer cell counts in my spinal fluid was down to 2.2 from over 600! The docs were pretty amazed as am I because I figured it would take longer to drop. Let's just pray my lungs don't have any Lymphoma in them and I can back on my feet at home in the very near future.

I better head to bed because tomorrow is a another spinal chemo day and sometimes I don't sleep so well the night after. We love you all and thanks again for your continued prayers.




  1. Hey Colin:)

    Good to hear from you! Do you think you might be up to a couple of visitors on Monday sometime? My mom is in town and while we wouldn't be able to stop by for long I thought that it would be nice to say hi. As long as you're feeling up to it of course:)

    We're thinking of you every day!

    Happy Easter:)

    Nicki and Mo!

  2. Colin and Melissa Thank you very much for the updates. We pray for you each day and check for "updates". We were so sad to hear of the new cancer last week. You guys have been through so much, continue to be strong.

  3. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Halleluiah!

    Colin, it is so good to hear from you today. We prayed for you and your family in both services at church and sang that classic hymn "Christ Our Lord Is Risen Today" - one line in particular stuck out for me this morning, "ours the cross, the grave, the skies". Christ has gone before us into all of the suffering, but he also goes before us into glory, and that glory is ours through Him. I pray that the incredible beauty of Jesus Christ will be tangibly present to you today, that you will taste his glory even in the midst of your great disappointment and pain.

    We love you guys,
    Jeff and Lisa

  4. Colin and Missy,

    Thinking of you today with love and many prayers. Easter provides such hope for our futures and for the present. We pray that God's strength and healing will be yours today and in the days to come.

    Uncle Tim and Auntie Lorrie

  5. Praying for you and your family! You and Missy continue to be an encouragment and inspiration to Sarah and I. We pray that God will give you enough strength to get through each day.

    Love Brad & Sarah Ogden