Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just Keep Swimming...

My Dearest Corban:
You went to school today! Your first day of kindergarten! My heart is broken but so full of joy. You have begun a process of growth and learning, an adventure to fin who you are and who God is dreaming you to become! God has such BIG plans for you, my boy! Such a gentle and loving spirited little man. I want you to know that today and each day forward i could not be more proud and in love with you! I pray that as the days, months and years pass you will be open to our God and HIS purpose in your life! I promise you, that not a day will go by that you will not know the love your Daddy had for you but also the intense love that your Father in Heaven has for you! How proud they both are of you, in this moment, and in the many moments to come! May you always know the love of your Heavenly Father who hurts with you, cries for you and heals your broken heart as many times as needed! HE longs to love you more than any earthly daddy could be capable of loving...I'd say you're a pretty blessed little boy to know and experience that kind of love! Keegan and I will miss you so much when you're gone, but we will be praying down the minutes till we see you after school! You'll be ok, and when you're not, i'll be here to hold you and we'll pray your tears away! What a BIG boy you are and what an indescribable JOY you have brought to my life! I love you beyond words! Be Blessed today, your first day of school!
Love, Your Mommy

Ps. I write this as Corban is fast asleep, exhausted from a fun and full day at school! What fun he had, and such great stories he told me about hunting for pictures of animals and having 3 recesses! We finished the day with a bike ride after supper and he was singing little songs from his music class...He told Keegan he was too tired from school to play ball with him...a few minutes later they were wrestling on the floor:) God is GOOD! We ALL had a good day, it was quiet for me and keegan but we dove into a TON of books and he was mommy's little helper all day! His nap was the first quiet time thru the day i've had in over 2.5 years~never realized how much i loved that mid-day bit of down time! Nothing like i imagined the first day of school of my little man....i whispered a number of times in the van on the way to the school how much i missed Colin and how our plans to face this day together didn't get to be played out, but he was there, I believe he had a little bird's eye view of his little social butterfly having a great first day!
Onto planning for Thursday...Corban's schedule is Tues, Thurs and Friday's so we'll see how the rest of the week plays out...tonite, i know he'll sleep good! So will I! i'm glad that this day is under our belts...."just keep swimming" is chiming thru my head...lol....I remembered to breathe, you'd be proud of me, a lot of deep breaths, Keegan was even echoing my breaths...pretty cute!
Good Night!
Love, Melissa


  1. Melissa, Your letter to Corban is precious! Keep a copy for him. Sooner than you think, you will probably find a time when it will be very fitting for you to read it to him. Then, through the years, you will never know when God may bring it back to your mind or his. But the day will come, I know, when he hovers above you, wearing his graduation gown and cap, holds you close in one of your tightest hugs ever, and you exchange "I love you's"; then you will want to give him a very precious gift - a copy of the letter you wrote to him today! God is faithful! Praying for you often and trusting God for you and your boys!

  2. Oh dear,,,you are going to make me cry and I am at work!!! I will be handing out soggy money if I don't stop reading! What great words you are able to share with all of us Melissa,,,you are a gifted little writer you know!!! Maybe God has some plans for you with your pen to paper abilities!! Love ya lots and hugs to the boys xoxoxo
    Love Auntie Dawna for the Motz men too

  3. Beautifully written, Melissa. These are words from your heart.

    I'm so glad the day went well. God's strong arms are there holding you all.

    A. Lorrie

  4. Praise God! You're constantly in my thoughts and in our prayers. I'm so happy that things are going well for you. You're doing it!

    Praying faithfully,
    Michelle Isaak

  5. Funny, Keon said the same thing... 3 recesses! Boys! Enjoy your mid-day break and your special time with your Keegan. I'm doing the same with my Levi.
    Lisa F.