Wednesday, September 22, 2010

oh SO Good!

Ok, so i have declared Wednesdays as the new highlight of my week! We have an amazing group of women who meet at Hillcrest Church on Wednesday mornings, and spilt off into different study groups. Usually, i have signed up for either a marriage study, or a parenting study...BUT this time as i was going to sign up for another parenting study, I felt God kind of "shuv" me down the end of the sign up table where there was a book totally and completely for me. At first, i kinda felt a little guilty to sign up for something that would benefit no one else but me...But God is making me realize that it's ok to focus on myself and there is a healing that is happening by taking some time to rebuilt who i am, and who God want me to be and what His plans are.
Have you ever had that weird but so cool thing that happens when you read something or someone speaks and it's like they are words that are solely for you? This book even just through the introduction and first chapter have done exactly oh man, i was fighting back the tears of relief that something/someone out there knows exactly what is in my heart right digs deep and i am SO excited for what God has in store for me through this book! A dear friend who was leading the study felt God had a need for me to be in this study, but she said not a word, and then God placed me right where i needed to be, isn't that cool?! God is SO real in those little things, my life is filled with those little touches/fingerprints of God and it makes me smile and also keeps me believing that i can keep stepping one foot in front of the other!
The boys are doing good, too, our routine of school and playing and just spending time together is going good...gotta be honest, sometimes they both drive me absolutey CRAZY with how much they love to love each other one minute and the next they are fighting like cats and dogs! Corban has this soft spirit of wanting to help me, with keegan, with dishes, with cooking...i have to remember that although it's WAY more work to let him help, he needs to do that, too, so i love it! Little Keegan is our stinker, the minute i turn my back, he heads right into anything that he's not supposed to be doing...keeps me on my toes!
It's honestly odd to say this, like i feel a little guilty, BUT life is good...God is blessing us, and although i'm kinda used to holding my breath a little when i say out loud that life is good...i have to just take this day and enjoy it...because we just never know tomorrow, nor do i need to be worried about tomorrow, God is carrying us and i trust He's going to carry us through ANYTHING, just like He already has...each time i felt like our life was good and back to normal, something "else" happened with Colin's health, so it's this trigger that goes off in me, a habit of having what happened, happen. GOD is a good God, and we were still able to smile and laugh through all of that darkness and sorrow, i still was able to make Colin's hospital room as homey as i could...we would have all the nurses checking in with us on those really great TV premier nights and when a show got good, i would run down in commercials to give an update at the desk! It's the little things in life...the simple love of others being around us, just enjoying people and loving them with our whole hearts! We have had the honor to meet so many people we would've normally not met this past year, and our lives are so much richer and full because of that! So, THANK YOU, for enriching my life and helping us smile and easing the stress of life, you have no idea how much you have impacted us! I say "us" meaning Colin, too, because i know how much he appreciated people taking the time to stop him and talk about what he was going through, there was nothing he loved more than just hangin' out with other people and getting to know them~ I miss him like crazy, but there still is so much to be thankful for...Keegan is up from his nap and i'm thinking the boys are going to help me make supper...yikes, but it should be fun!
Love, Melissa


  1. Although I am sure that grief still haunts you at times and that your journey forwards is not over -- I REJOICE with you when I read a post like this! I rejoice that you can rejoice in the small thngs. That the Lord has given you clear sight of his goodness in midst of sorrow and that He is teaching you to embrace it and hold it close to your heart. You and the boys continue in our prayers and in the thoughts of our hearts. Many rich blessings prayed over your family

    Katie and Travis Orr

  2. This is wonderful to read Melissa. God speaks in so many ways, doesn't he? I'd love to know which book you are studying.
    We continue to pray for you and your boys. Know that you are loved, not only by our Heavenly Father, but also by family and friends.

  3. Melissa, you are so encouraging! I was sharing with my friend who just lost her husband in June, how you have encourage me just reading your blog. We were talking about how does anyone get through trials etc without God to carry, strengthen, hold, guide us. I keep praying for you and your boys!.

    Sounds like a good book. I would like to know the name. I am sure excited to see how God placed you in the right study. He is so amazing.

    I keep you and your boys in my prayers. Doria Ogden