Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh How Quickly I forgot! ON PURPOSE!!!

My apologies for the lack of blogging lately, but my little Keegan has decided he is not going to wear diapers any longer and he is going to pee on the potty like his big brother! Oh wow, if only it were just that simple! I knew from the moment Keegan was born he wasn't going to be the breeze of a child that Corban has been...nope, our little Keegie Bear is a stinker, and potty training has been no exception to that rule! I am 2.5 days into potty training (something i was purposely putting off) and he's starting to show signs of progress but it's slow going...i'm glad i feel like i have my barings, cuz although it's busy cleaning up after him and adjusting to getting him to sit on the potty all the time, it's ok, maybe just a tad busier than we were...there's something with the second child that seems to just "be", than with the first, we were all nervous with every new chapter in his life, with Keegan, i feel comfortable and confident, which is good right now! It sure brings it all back from Corban's potty training days, and in the same breath, how quickly we forget(how i can't wait to forget again!!!) So, wish me luck, or more effectively, maybe just whisper a prayer that we get this soon!

Alot of people were asking about the book i am starting for our women's bible study and it's a book called, "Captivating" by John and Stasi Eldridge also author's of a book for men called, "Wild At Heart". I have already reread the first chapter because i have enjoyed it so much the first time through and i can't wait for this semester, and beyond for where God will take me through this book! Very Excited!
This past week has been quite quiet, i purposely planned it that's been good and i've seen the boys actually begin to play, without needing me to intervene so much! It's refreshing to just sit back and watch for a change and just see how they play on their own, for a few moments anyway...we'll get there, i know these stages of our boys are busy, but i only get one chance, so i'm doing my best to make the absolute best of it, i don't want to regret a single minute!

Corban is standing beside me waiting so patiently for me to come play, so i need to practice what i'm typing here and get going...we have a busy afternoon of playing with Colby and Myla (my niece and nephew) and visiting with Andy and's been good to have them come for a visit, i miss them like crazy since we've all settled back into our "own" routines again, there's so much comfort in having them come, because they had such a huge impact on getting us through Colin's journey!

Not much else to report, Corban's skating lessons are starting up in October and our first little parent teacher interviews are this next week...i'm sure i'll have stories so stay tuned! i'll keep ya posted on Keegan's potty training adventures as well, again, lots more stories so just you wait!
Have a Happy Sunday!
Love, Melissa


  1. It's wonderful to read the everyday happenings of life at the Burritt home - potty training, playing, sitting and watching. These are days of healing, and healing takes time.

    Thanks for keeping us posted.
    A. Lorrie

  2. Captivating was a life changing book for me! So amazing.... I used to give out copies like candy! Now you've inspired me to read it again.... Thanks!
    I'm super jealous that Keegan is potty training already.... Sam's 3 and he has no intention of going on the potty.... He peed through 2 pairs of undies just today before I threw my hands up in defeat.... Still, good luck!
    So happy the boys are playing well (without Momma's intervention!) Sam & Eli love each other for the first 5 minutes, but then it's punches and kicking.... Sam's figured out that when Eli's at school, he's got all my attention and now he doesn't like to share me....
    Anyway, I'm happy to hear that you're doing okay.... Love reading your blogs.... Keep updating!
    Love Bec

  3. hi melissa
    my husband and I went to high school with colin (and my husband also did a year at briercrest with him)-it was a pleasure knowing him. I've been following your blog for awhile now and i've always wanted to write something, but never knew what to say. You and your boys are in our prayers-i pray that God continues to give you strength and I thank him for using both you and Colin to inspire so many people.
    Eryn McFee xo