Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tidbits of Strength...

Our first real week of this "school" thing is almost done and i'm thinking we can get the hang of it for sure! Corban has done well, a few tears today but he said his teacher cheered him up! What a blessing to have good teachers to care for our beloved little ones!
i'm really lovin' this cozy day, it's been a busy one, Keegan and i have been all over visiting friends and getting stuff crossed off my list! He's my BIG helper! We're having a lot of fun reading TONS of books, too, it's bringing it all back from what i used to do with Corban...reading the same one's over and over and over...need i say more?! haha it's funny how fast you forget just having one child when #2 hits the ground running! haha
i'm thankful...God's presence is continually showing me where to step and how to get through this...AND that i can stand on my own two feet and do this!...i'm seeing HIS encouragement in the kid's bible stories, where before i was just reading words to my kids, it's like God is speaking to me in more than just my quiet times, and i love how safe that makes us! I pray my boys feel that same peace, and safety that is surrounding us! I feel like a kid looking back at their parents yelling, "look at me, Daddy! i'm really doing it!" Not me, per say, but God is going before me each day, and at times, i can even tell that He's set me down to walk on my own beside Him for a time...carrying is still in the order, but He's showing me that i can walk with HIM and that i will weather this storm and come out stronger through Christ for having walked it! Sometimes i can feel a little of that strength and other times, there's not an ounce in me and i'm begging God for any little bit HE can day at a time...and tonite, my blanket, hot cup of tea and the fireplace upstairs is calling my name...need to go relax and watch some good shows!
Love, Melissa

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  1. He's spared it all for you, Melissa, and it's all available every moment. Breathe deeply of his all-sufficient love and strength. Nothing gives Him more pleasure! You are so loved!
    Lisa F.