Tuesday, October 27, 2009

At It Again

Well, today we're up here at the hospital again. Colin will most likely need a platlet transfusion today. Good thing is that it only takes about 20-30 minutes. Unlike yesturday, we spend almost 11hours at the hospital. Colin needed a transfusion of hemaglobin, which lasts 6-7 hours.....when the nurse started the blood drip, Colin began coughing really bad and then he said that his throat felt funny and that it was kinda hard to breath because he was coughing so bad, and then he started throwing up......so they stopped the transfusion and quickly got him some gravol and benadryl. I guess the more tranfusions you get the more likely you are to have an adverse reaction. So they didn't get back started again until after 330pm. Let's just say it was an extremely long day!
This morning i tried to go brave the long line-ups to get the H1N1 vaccine, but with no luck, the security guard was on the phone and i overheard him saying that the lines would be about 6-8 hours of waiting! It's important to get this done, but i clearly don't have that kind of time......i just haven't seen so many people waiting like that before. It makes me so happy i live in Medicine Hat, less people equals less lines! I'm going to ask up here at the hospital if i can get it done with the nursing staff, they're in the middle of doing it now and i'm going to hopefully sneak in today!!!!!
ok, so things are going good, Colin's feeling good, aside from the occasional nose bleed which is nothing a little platlets can't fix!
My nursing resume is going to grow tomorrow, they're teaching me how to give the G-csf shots, i'm pumped, there's nothing like helping out! Then we don't have to come back to hospital so much!!! Colin's a little nervous but i have the utmost confidence! heehee :)

ok, wish us luck! haha
Have a great day!

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  1. Colin & Melissa, you are amazing. We love your positive attitude and know that with your attitude, the prayers of so many and the doctors and nurses, you will get through this. We are praying for your cells to be healthy and strong when they are harvested, hopefully on Monday. We love you so much. GR. and GR.