Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So tired....

Some Good News today, Colin actually slept through the night last night. I feel like i'm talking about our kids or something....he's just finishing up chemo right now and he's been sleeping for most of the morning. I think his body just has nothing left to give....he hardly could make it into the hospital this morning, we had to stop and sit down a few times along the way. We thought his levels were low but they are good, just a rough side-effect from this round of chemo, he's being hit pretty hard, but still not throwing up, so i'm praying he can stay that way!
Other than that, we're headed out on pass again, until, i'm not sure when, Doc has yet to determine when the next check in will be, i'm sure in a couple days.
We're tired, but having the kids here is good. Just shy of two weeks and we should be home, so we're excited for that! I'm hoping next week without the kids, Colin can rest and bounce back from this extreme fatigue, it comes in time, that's the hardest part!
Anyways, that's all i have report today!


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  1. Thinking of you today and praying that Colin's strength returns ..hugs to the boys and both of you!

    Love Auntie Dawna for the Motz men too :)