Monday, October 12, 2009

Off We Go!

It's been what seems like a long time since we've updated so here's the scoop. We're packed and ready to head back up to Calgary, this time we have the boys with us! It makes it easier to leave, having everyone in toe, so there's no goodbyes for our boys! Our Thanksgiving here at home was AMAZING, thanks to my mom's awesome cooking and having Colin's Brother and his wife stay for the weekend! Great times, and so good to see family!
I'm so happy to report that my cold along with Corban and Keegan's colds are pretty much gone and Colin didn't catch a single thing! YEAY! Praise God, He has been faithful to take care of Colin and protect him from any germs that may have made him very sick! Thank you for your prayers of protection! We're headed tomorrow to get me and kids flu shots and we'll deal with the H1N1 shots's scary this year with these crazy flu bugs going around, continue to pray that we will be protected from anything that could harm Colin's transplant schedule and recovery time!
SO this is the second half of our journey, we'll be getting results back from the marrow biopsy this week, so you can pray for the cancer to be gone from his marrow as well!
I know we've vaguely explained the transplant stuff coming up.....right now, Colin will go back into the hospital on Wednesday and have a half chemo treatment already that night and then 3 more days of 6-7 hours of chemo each of those days. Then they prepare him for harvesting his stem cells, so pray that his body responds well with treatment and that he can bounce back quickly after he's finished this round!
I will be with the boys for the most part and Colin's parents are coming up this next weekend, so that's the plan for the next few days!
Thank you for still reading and keep us in your prayers! We are truly blessed to have you helping us in this way! This Thanksgiving was an emotional one. We are so thankful to be under one roof as a family, to have my husband beside me, for modern medicine, to have my brother and Nat and their house to live at and draw support from them, while we're in Calgary, for my parents and Steph (my cousin) who have been so awesome at keeping the boys while we've been gone, for our friends who have also taken days to watch the kids and care for them while my parents are at work! To those of you who have helped financially to make up the extra costs in going back and forth to Calgary. You have no idea how God has used you all to get us through this difficult time in our lives, May God Richly Bless you all for how you've blessed us!

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  1. We are there with you in our prayers.. Please know that we never do forget about you... May God durround you thru these next day's..
    Ed and Vi Heller & Valinda Welk