Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family Time!

Hi All!
I just wanted to let you know what has been happening since the last you heard from us. Colin came out on pass today (only to stay 'in Calgary' until after cell harvest Nov. 2nd). He's very tired and the Doc's have said with this cycle of chemo, severe nausea comes after the chemo is over. So, with that being said, we're praying that the next few days aren't full of nausea and that Colin can rest and be comfortable for his time out.
Colin's parents left today, but we were able to spend the entire day with them at Andy and Nat's place, so we could all be together for at least a few hours to catch up and hang out!
We have some appointments for Colin this week, and 1 hour of chemo on Wednesday that he still has to do, but other than the usual checking in for blood work, he'll be out on pass until the harvesting happens! At least now, he can have a good sleep and rest comfortably and still be able to see the kids play and laugh (like they're doing right now, in the bath tub)
Please pray that this week with the kids is good and that Colin is well, that no nausea or sickness puts him back in the hospital. A funny side effect that we're just finding out now, is post-chemo hiccups~Colin sure has a bad case of those. I guess they're said to last for the duration the chemo lasted, so for the next couple days, the hiccups will be on and off.......funny but a little frustrating for Colin. I read everything from pulling your tongue, to burping, to taking anti-acids (which has helped so far), so i hope he can get to sleep good tonite and have a good long sleep without any interruptions!
i'll keep you posted on how the week goes, and let you know how Colin is feeling as the days go on!

Thanks for reading and praying!

Luv, Melissa


  1. Hey guys and girl:)

    I'm so glad to hear that you are getting some much needed family time. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the nausea doesn't get bad! I hope that you are all able to fully enjoy this time together!

    Thinking of you:)


  2. Dear Melissa And Colin,
    We are so very pleased that Colin is doing so well. Our love, thoughts and prayers are with you always.
    Pat and Shorty