Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Good Laugh!

So, today has been quite eventful and very funny! So the Doc came in this morning around 11am for Colin's bone marrow biopsy, which he has been dreading since the beginning! He was obviously sedated for this one, which was the most funny part about the whole thing. I always ask to stay in the room during the procedure and today was no different, but the Doc actually let me take some pictures while he was doing the biopsy! (Call me crazy, but it was really cool to see!) Colin is always so forgetful about events when he gets sedated so i thought i'd take some pics and some video of him talking away to whoever would listen! I think i'm still wiping tears from laughing so hard! He's finally sleeping now, after i had to physically make him stay laying down.....he kept thinking we were going straight to the car to go home, but first i had to take him for ice cream! lol
To let you know how the procedure went today, FAST! Like less than 10 minutes! Colin kept asking me when the Doc was coming in, but truth be told, the Doc was already done and gone! Colin won't remember a thing, so i'm glad for that, and he gave everyone in the room a pretty good laugh, so all in all, it's gonna be a good day. They were able to get both a bone and a liquid sample which, the last one that was done before our diagnosis, there was nothing but tough bone, which explained his cancer.
Tomorrow will be busy but we are hoping when we come back on the 14th for treatment, that we'll be going in with a clean slate......no cancer. We don't have any tests back yet, but please keep praying for the cancer to be all gone!
The kids are just coming down with the cold that has been going around, so please say a prayer that Colin keeps healthy and feels great! By nothing short of a miracle, he's managed to keep healthy so far, so we're very thankful! He's putting on weight and very excited for Thanksgiving dinner (we have a whole lot to be thankful for this year!).
Anyways, this will be a quick 2 day trip and then back HOME!!!!
i'll update when we get to Medicine Hat!

Luv, Melissa

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