Friday, October 2, 2009

The Testing Begins...

Hey Everyone!
We're here again at the hospital, Colin is just waiting to have an MRI done on his brain, as well as a CT scan today. I know that you all are already praying, but i have to ask to pray extra for Colin's cancer to be GONE completely.....and that all these tests today and on wednesday Oct 7th to be clear for no cancer. We are believing and praying that God got rid of all of Colin's cancer already using the chemo treatments and the fervent prayer he's already had. We'll let you know as soon as we get all the results back!
Unfortunately, Andy and Nat and they're kids are all sick so we're going to be staying with some other family friends that live here in Calgary. We are so thankful for their hospitality, in letting us stay in their home! We are going to hold off on bringing the kids up, until we know everyone is healthy. What we are actually praying for right now, is that we would get to come home for the weekend until Colin has to come in for more testing next week. We've had our hopes up before on this issue, and our plans fell through, so we're not holding our breath to be able to come home.......we just miss our boys SO much and we're both SO homesick to just be in our own home together as a family!
Today, we wait.......again.......i'll be in touch as soon as we have more details, but until then, please pray that the cancer is GONE!

Thanks guys, Don't know what we'd do without you all!

luv, Melissa (Colin says Hi behind me!)

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