Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 2 done!

Hi everyone, Colin here. Day 2 of chemo is done and one more day tomorrow. Sunday I should be out on pass already for a few days atleast. I will probably have to come and check in every couple days but as long as I can sleep at home then I am happy.

Today Mom and Dad came to Calgary to visit us, Melissa came with the boys to the hospital this afternoon so we could all be together. Drew and Lara were in town too so they came up to the hospital to see us as well.

I just wanted to write to let everyone know I am doing well so far with this chemo, even though I did feel nauseated yesterday for a while. Tomorrow should be a good day then Sunday morning I hopefully will be going home (in Calgary) for a few days. Mom and Dad don't leave until after supper so they can stay and play with the boys for a while.

Thank you everyone again for your amazing prayers! Please continue to pray for us as we still are not finished the entire treatment yet. The last chemo before my transplant is the heaviest chemo I will get so I will be needing prayer then too. From now to then a big prayer request would be health during the times I am low in my blood cell counts for me and for those who are around me everyday. We treasure your prayers and thoughts, and you may never know what all this support has meant to us. Thank you!


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