Saturday, October 31, 2009

Today is a good day!

Well I am one day closer to stem cell harvest which means one day closer to going home to be with my boys! We went to check in this morning a little later then usual, for reasons I will get to, and my cell counts are now on their way up!

The reason we were later getting to the hospital today was, Melissa went to get her H1N1 shot this morning after trying 3 other times this week. She was up at 5 am and was at the vaccination site at 5:45. She had to grab a Timmy's so early in the morning. Even being there so early there were about 100 people ahead of her and then when the rest of the families showed up there was probably 300 people ahead of her. She had some nice families around her so she had some good conversation with people. Melissa did wear a mask though because she cannot risk getting sick now because we are so close to being done. She said she had some weird looks from people probably thinking she was sick, but they have no idea our situation right now.

It actually ended up our transplant doctor was right in front of Melissa in line so she got to talk to her about H1N1 and our situation. I know some of you are thinking right now, "here goes another rant about the vaccine," but this comes from my doctor and her husband who is a microbiologist and works with vaccines. Our doctor told Melissa and I am sure she will reiterate this to us closer to transplant and afterwards, to be really careful about who we are around. Her advice was to not be around anyone who is NOT vaccinated for H1N1. This will go even for 4 months after my transplant because my body still will have to build up my immune system. I am so susecptible to getting sick, fever, infections, it ridiculous. As my cell counts return to normal my body will able to fight those things but its going to be like I am a new born child again rebuilding all my immunities I had built up over the past 28, almost 29 years! So if I can say anything to everyone out there, please get immunized for my sake and all of those around you, eventhough you don't think you'll get sick and if you do, your body will most likely fight it off, but please remember not everyone around you will be able to fight this flu!

Enough about that. Today I feel good and am getting excited about my stem cell harvest. It should be a fun day hanging out with Melissa! I am so greatful for all the time we have had together through this getting to know each other more and more. I know our marriage will be even stronger and we will be better parents. I am a little nervous though just because I am human, but I trust the doctors and nurses, plus I have God on my side! He will ultimately keep me safe and walk with me through the remainder of this journey as He has so far!

Please continue to pray for us and that I am protected from sickness as I have to stay in the hospital tomorrow night, Monday to Tuesday. Thank you again for your continued prayers.


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