Sunday, November 1, 2009

So today, we really need your prayers! Colin has to go back to the hospital for the night tonite around 6pm......what we're waiting on are his levels to get to where they need to be for the stem cell harvest....yesturday when we checked in, they still weren't there. BUT they were started to rise, and Colin has bone pain today, so i guess that's a good sign! They make the final decision tomorrow after blood work in the morning! I told the Doc's that we'll be home to put the boys to bed on Tuesday night, and i meant it, so now we gotta trust God is going to shoot those cell counts to where they belong for a good strong harvest!
Thanks for standing with us in Prayer! Have a great 1st day of November!

luv, Melissa

p.s. i'll make sure i post as soon as i know where things are at tomorrow morning!

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  1. Tomorrow (Mon.) is definitely a crucial day in the process! Praying that the blood counts continue to rise to the needed levels & the stem cell harvest will be successfully done as scheduled. GCSF works great & God does wonders! I am encouraged by your faith & perserverance thru all this. Will keep praying that the process continues as scheduled knowing that down the road it will have been worth it & you're growing thru this experience. May God continue to meet the needs of all your family, give you strength, & keep you from getting weary. God is able---He is sufficient!!
    In prayer for you. Henny O.