Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Colin!

I just wanted to write and be the first to wish my brave and wonderful husband a happy birthday! This day...November 30, 2009, marks the first day of a new life. A life of the most amazing and endless possibilities! Not many people get a second chance to live a healthy life, but God was so gracious to grant us this! Colin, you are my hero, my bestest friend, and the man i want to have many, many life adventures with! You have taught me so much about following God's will, wherever that may take us, and even as you lay in a hospital bed, you have been the leader of our little family and kept us altogether with your great attitude and love for life. We did it! We have taken a terrifying walk down the deepest darkest path and with God right there holding our hands, we've made it out the other side! I'm so proud to be your partner, to have stood by you, and walked through this with you, we're changed people! You make me better everyday and i'm excited to see your smile! You're a fighter and you have such patience and perseverence, our boys are SO blessed to have you as their Daddy! We still have you! I think i'm in shock that this point in the process is where we never thought we'd be. When we came in those first few days, we'd just heard bad news, after bad news, but through it all, you kept your focus on our God who will only give you what you could handle, each day sometimes a struggle, sometimes a smile, but you kept looking for the blessing, and it never was hard to find the many blessings!
I am so proud to call you mine! As uneventful as the "actual" transplant procedure may be, this is YOUR day! A new day, and new bright, full, amazing future for YOU. I am SO excited to see what chapter is next for us, how God wants to use you and our family! Through whatever "bumpy road" is ahead, we WILL be ready.....beacuse, in the words of our sweet Corban, "Jesus Keeps us Safe and Strong"!
So, Happy Birthday, Colin, you've done so well, I hope that soon, we can have a little bit of a break, and just collect our family unit again. Be together and not have to leave each other, oh what a sweet day that will be! Soon, so very soon!

I love you with everything in me!

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday Colin. What a wonderful way to start the rest of your life..cancer free. You fought a mighty battle and won Colin. We will be praying that all goes well with your transplant and that you will be home for Christmas and 2010.
    Love Pat and Shorty