Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Big Day!

Hi, i'm writing this from the 4th floor at the hospital this morning! I am excited to say that they've been harvesting Colin's stem cells today from about 9am this morning! We are just waiting here now, to see how many stem cells they've been able to get so far and if they can get what they need today, or if we have to do another harvest tomorrow. Please pray that they get what they need today! It's going good so far, kinda boring, but i've taken some pictures of the machine and how it's all hooked up as well as the actual bag of stem cells! It's pretty cool! Whoever invented this whole thing, is brilliant!
Anyhoo, i'll post with more details in a little bit!


oh wait, we are just talking to the nurses now and things are looking pretty tight.......please, please pray that his levels stay high enough to get the cells TODAY! Based on what counts they've just gotten back, if things keep up, they'll be exactly what they need, but that's in a perfect world! So please pray that somehow his levels come up more, the nurses faces aren't so hopeful, but we just need to get home to our boys, so we're trusting God to get this done ASAP!

Not the news we wanted to hear, but now we're praying like crazy that the next sample will show some improvement!

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