Tuesday, November 3, 2009

That last number that we got back was definitely off, cuz this last number we got was that we have about 270 million cells so far.....this is good, these nurses are AWESOME, they are doing everything possible to get us out of here today, bending every rule.....With consent from the Supervising nurse, of course! They all want us to go home to be with our boys, and we are so grateful for their doing everything possible to get us there, we're going to be close, i'm confident we can do it! i'm going to start rolling Colin up from his toes, to squeeze every last free stem cell out of him!


  1. It's great to have wonderful nurses! Glad that things seem to be going okay...hopefully you will be with your boys soon! We will keep praying!!

    ~the Coote's

  2. Praying that it will be done today. Remember that God has a perfect plan! Be patient. We love you both - and your boys.

  3. You are amazing Melissa! You and Colin are inspiring and encouraging so many since you have begun this journey-especially me. Love you guys and we are praying today. Believing with you that you will get to be with your boys tonight.
    The Morin's