Friday, November 27, 2009

Pluggin' Away

Good Morning!
I can't believe it's already Friday! This week has just flown by and Colin has breezed through treatment so far. Today, it's catching up with him. We went for an hour long walk yesturday afternoon while he was out on pass again, but i think that was the last one for a little while! He's very tired today and the nausea is creeping up on him. The anti-nauseants have been managing it so far, and as long as he's not sick, we can head out for another couple hour pass again today.
So, i need to clarify about the PET scan that Colin was supposed to get. What we didn't know is that this scan is still in the research stages, so it can't be a conclusive answer for declaring remission. That being said, our Doc's have reviewed all of Colin's CT scans and Biopsies and they have enough information to conclude that in their opionions, Colin is officially in remission. In case they somehow missed something, this last chemo treatment will kill any last remnants! Praise God! Whew, i just keep exhaling, like letting a huge deep breath that i've been holding all these months. This is great news, a miracle in my mind, with how sick Colin was coming into this. We are changed people, inside and out, and in a weird way, i'm thankful to have learned the lessons i have been learning along the way. I never knew what i was capable of handling, but don't get me wrong, all by myself, i would've crumbled, this was God, He carried us every step of the way, so there's no way we can take any credit for getting through this, it was your prayers and God's ever-present provisions. I will never look at my faith or what we've been raised believing the same way again, this is not just a belief system, this is tangible evidence of a Higher Power who so desperatley loves us. WOW! How lucky are we!
So, we're just going to keep pluggin' along, taking it one day at a time. Tomorrow the kids come up and we get to spend some time with them again. Colin's planning on getting a pass to spend time with the kids when they come, so that's the plan for tomorrow anyway. Sunday is his last chemo injection, but the most potent for side-effects. The treatments will catch up to him probably next week sometime, it's very common for patients to go back into the hospital after being out on pass for the days following transplant, so we'll expect the worst and hope for the best!
That's all i have for today!

Luv, Melissa

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