Saturday, November 7, 2009

Morning with the boys

This morning was a fun morning, a little tiring, but it was a blast! Melissa went out with some girl friends to do a "big cook." Essentially they make different recipes, enough for 4 families that can be frozen. So I got to be at home with Corban and Keegan this morning. What didn't we do?! Well Corban and I played hockey in the basement first while Keegan climbed on the couches and ran around. Then Keegan wanted to play on the stairs so we did that. Of course playing so hard requires a snack so without Mommy being home we had chocolate at 10:30 this morning. We did share an orange after that too, so it wasn't all bad. We all watched Ice Age after snack time. Lunch came next without Melissa, I never do lunch for the boys, but I had leftovers and the kids at sandwiches. I put Keegan to bed after for his nap, now Corban is playing games on the laptop and I am taking a nice little break for myself. All you stay at home moms, you are amazing, I know Melissa is for sure! The energy the boys require is astounding and I don't have too much right now but its coming.

That's been my day with Corban and Keegan so far. I am doing well. I have a little scar where the line was in my neck but I don't need bandages to cover it anymore. I am lifting Keegan again but not Corban.

It is so nice to be at home again and I look forward to the next couple weeks here before we head back for the last round of chemo. I am not sure when the next post will be but we'll keep you in the loop of any changes or exciting events in our lives.


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  1. Counting down with you until you're all home together as a family!