Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some Mixing of Emotions

Where do i even begin! So much has happened in the last few days, and i wish i would've wrote sooner to break some of it up. Well, here it goes!
So, Tuesday afternoon they let Colin out of the hospital to do outpatient antibiotics once daily. That meant he was supposed to check in at the clinic every day for his meds. Thankfully, they offered to show me how to do it from home, and so we went this morning by 730am for them to show me. Blessings on my cousin who was so gracious to come over and watch the boys so we didn't have to get them up to come with us! Anyhoo, they sent us home with an IV pump, and pole (oh the sight we must have been trying to get it into our car to take home! haha). So now i'm all caught up on administering Colin's IV meds from home! They want him on these meds for another 10 days at least. So we naturally thought we would be set back another week, at least. Well today we called up to check in with our team of Doc's in Calgary and they gave us some great news! Our schedule for transplant is still the same! They believe Colin is healthy enough to continue with chemo and he'll just keep going with the antibiotics for the set amount of days. Colin is thrilled as this next round has been hanging over his head, and he really just wants to get it over with! We both just want to be done with this mess (if you can ever be done with cancer). We were happy with the plan to stay for an extra week for antibiotcs, more time with the boys is always a good thing! I'm mixed about this, i have SO much to do to get ready for this weekend's return to Calgary. I really just don't want to leave the kids. Honestly, i think it gets more and more difficult every time we have to say goodbye to them! awe, Today i just wish we could be normal, in a regular routine, with regular work and life schedules! Please don't ever take regular and routine for granted, you are luckier than you'll ever know! BUT, we still do have a chance to be home for Christmas, so that's our goal to work towards! Wherever we are, we'll be with family, so i'm happy with that!
Colin is feeling good, he's resting a lot, which is good for him, he needs to just take it easy, so he doesn't get run down! Corban isn't venturing too far from his side, poor little guy is all twisted around in this, i'm glad they're so young, i pray they don't remember any of this!
So that brings us to this evening, i think we'll make a couple cups of tea and make a homemade rendition of a london fog! (I'll give Starbucks a run for their money, heehee)

Good Night, we'll keep updating as we go!

Luv, Melissa

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  1. That God is able to use you and your family to teach and bless those of us praying along with your family is just SOOOOOOOO amazing. You have uplifted ME once again. Thank you for your honesty and encouragement. Both of you amaze me....My prayers continue.