Friday, November 27, 2009

Winter Wonderland?! Who came up with that?!

Good Evening! haha, oh yes, i'm writing two posts today. Life has been eventful, but it has nothing to do with Colin or his health! I know, it's kinda refreshing! heehee, Calgary got a little bit of a snow storm today, first with some rain this morning and then with a heavy blanket of thick snow, it made for a very icy, slow and messy drive to get back to the hospital tonite! It took my brother over 2 hours to get home from work today and so when Colin offered to drive to the hospital, i've never been so happy to let someone take the wheel. I am SO not a winter driver. It took us nearly an hour, and normally it takes 20-25 minutes. There were accidents EVERYWHERE and the traffic was aweful, so we hadn't even made it half way when i made my decision to just stay put at the hospital tonite. So here we are, safe and sound, having a snack and watching TV, it's nice and quiet up here on Unit 57, and the nurses working are all our favorite young one's! i'm still waiting for my pull-out bed, so now all i can do is hope i get some sleep. Colin's excited that i can finally see what he means to have the "full hospital experience". Oh boy.....wish me luck!
Pray that the roads clear up enough that mom and dad and the kids can make it up here tomorrow!
Sweet Dreams!

luv, Melissa

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