Saturday, November 14, 2009

Today was better. Colin started off pretty lonely and feeling like he was going to go crazy in his hospital room, but right now until the kids are better, he's in the safest place he can be. Thankfully, today, the kids are much better than they have been, so we're for sure on the mend! There's no sign of fever for Colin and his appetite is coming back today, too! Come Monday, we're for sure going to be exploring some passes, and making sure Colin can at least be home, and only checking in for his IV antibiotics. We'll just have to see if the Doc is on bored with our plans!
God is so faithful in taking care of our every need! My cousin, has been wonderful at watching the boys while i go up to spend some time with Colin and a good friend brought supper over to us tonite! God knows what we need, sometimes before we do, and i'm SO thankful that this has all worked out so far. I'm confident that Colin will be stable enough to come home, so he can be comfortable, and get a good night's sleep and just be around our kids. This is the only thing that will help prepare him for the chemo and transplant ahead. Other than some home-cooked meals to get his weight up!
We don't hear any more news until either tomorrow nite or Monday morning, so i'll keep you posted on what we find out!

Luv, Melissa

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